Thursday, January 26, 2012

PYP Wilmington

Vanagon Seats

custom mounts

gemstone portholes

overhead w/ a pop down glovebox

wedge portholes

bitchin paint

1978 comic

wrought iron baby

awsome mural

and headliner

fat meats and awsome exhaust

Hey Joe I found your liscense!

Treasure Chest!Visor Odessey wing,aluminum spokes

awsome sticker

awsome interior w/stack o vinyl

stocked up bar

awsome album(very informative)

Appliance wheels & a visor

awsome upholstery

in the parkin lot


  1. Baja; Have to say I really enjoy reading your blog and checking out the salvage yard pics. Here in Texas almost all mid B vans are long gone to the crusher and I envy you guys who can still find nice ones out west. Keep on postin!

  2. dang! some nice finds right dar. I need to find me a nice bar set up.