Friday, January 27, 2012

Ecology Wilmington

slider door repair kit
now avalible at Home Depot

Cool original logo


Ma Bell

Dodge Visor

Gone for good!!


  1. Oh man, as Dr Smith used to say: "the pain...the pain...." Look at that nice grille on the phone truck, the Dodge visor and even that nice van enroute to the crusher... The Pain!!! Hey Baja, any chance you could just add the exact location of these yards as you go in case we see something we might want to call about?

  2. I do it says Ecology Wilmington in CA of course.As far as the exact adresses I'd say check their websites is probably the best way for that.BajaCharlie

  3. I guess just the name of the yard and the city would be fine. I enjoy the blog, wish we had nice yards like that here, all I see are full of K cars.