Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6,2014 report part 2.

 1974 Dodge B300 Maxi-Van.
 1972 Dodge B300 motor home chassis.
 1973 Chevy G20 long wheelbase.
 1972 Ford E200 long wheelbase camper.
 1972 Ford E200 long wheelbase camper.
 1974 Ford E200 long wheelbase.
 1973 Ford E100 long wheelbase.
1973 Chevy G20 shorty.

May 6,2014 report.

 1975 Chevy Sportsman 10 shorty.
 1978 Dodge B200 long wheelbase.
 1981 Chevy G20 shorty. Body was cherry.Should have never ended up here!
 1981 Chevy G20 shorty. No windows! Nice pin striping!
 1981 Chevy G20 shorty. His and her etched glass.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wilmington Pick Your Part(the big one)

Van Phone!!

off topic but nice murals!

Wilmington Ecology a week ago.

nice root beer


Flip out table.


Plymouth truck?

79 with MEATS.

House of Stewart

diamonds and rear sunroof

Original 70's light show

how they work(never knew this before)

behind the head cb

Sunroof and overhead console

Another total WASTE.And found original owners manual and payment book and it was original owner.

Old Stuff

Split Personality

What A Waste

Readers Rides

Hopefully he doesn't mind me postin a "under construction"pic.

Street Scene

Filled to the top with hobo junk.