Sunday, July 31, 2011


Got a fifth wheel but dont want a lame ass pickup!

This thing in bas ass but hes not a vanner just a van owner.TOO BAD!

This thing has a gull wing side door!But again bein wasted on a van owner!


actually its more like FARM SCENE

Tiny Bubbles

actually they are regular size...13in.


RIBSPREADER has their new album out and its got cool van music track 7 Slaughterhouse on Wheels!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach & Katella

Chack out the windows in the side door

molded headliner

swivel barrell seats

Beach & Ball

Pete Ellis conversion

alot of these seem to be low end base models,stick shift and 6 cyl.

An awsome dash mural!!?? 

Street Scene

Bad Asstro

Santa Fe Springs

custom tach and dash cover

radio broke?just upholster over it!

awsome carpet

bizzaro A-Team

tube grille

mirrored door steps

cool overhead console

bubble sunroof and side windows

van porn

marker lights on the visor

how many marker lights does 1 vehicle need?

Street Scene

Econo by my work the back bubbles have SCORPIO etched on um

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

64 Econoline.No rust,straight body.Sadly crushed
the day after the pic was taken!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wilmington PYP (the other 1)(Chopper Dave replacement van)

want that cool chrome diff cover look but dont have a removable cover HERES THE CURE!
Parallelogram windows

Monte headlight rings

and 1 of these

Wilmington Ecology

cheap window tint

custom grille

biggest bubbles I ever saw(in the doors)



straight 6 header

80's dude

busted window?just add some wood & bondo

sweet door panels

4X4 goin in soon prolly still drives

this thing is cherry

Contempo window. Too bad only 1

same yard part 2

cool mirrors

tons of cool domelights this trip

molded overhead console

shag dash baby

Sanford & Sons

awsome mural cant wait till this 1 comes out to the yard

Thrush side pipes

cool floor mats

too bad they dont match2nd gen headers

2nd gen ice cream truck

with headers

hot rod Lincoln

too bad bout the extra lug holes on these 10's