Sunday, August 31, 2014

Report from Riverside yards. 8-31-2014

 1973 E200 shorty.
 1973 B100 shorty. Had a nice low profile fiberglass top and 3 US Slots.
 Factory radio delete in the 73 B100.
 Build date was 6-70 on this B200 long wb. Someone sawed the nose off this one!
 Door emblems on the B200
 15 X 8 and 15 X 10 Aluminum Daisy wheels. Big Ford bolt pattern 5 X 5.5. Were on a 79 Ford van.


  1. 73 B100, I picked up the complete grill, one us mag and the perfectly un-cut dash stereo thing-a-ma-jig. On the 79 Ford van, I picked up some really cool plexiglass tinted sun visors and a really cool key lock fuel cap.

    1. Awesome that's what we like to hear is friends saving parts.

  2. So, what Riverside yard were the daisy wheels at?
    Bill D.

  3. Hit up Brad Philips on facebook these are his pics.