Thursday, October 13, 2011

which 1 do ya think?

headlight brackets on the van now(flat peice of chrome)

70's Dodge pickup bezels!

bubble window for a Dodge with a single rear door

remnants of a sticker on the window!!


  1. Hell yes!! Love the pickup bezels! Great idea!
    Are you selling the window? I might need one again. What about a Venturi? Or those onion shaped portholes you had?

  2. those pick up bezels are rad! And I was wondering if you still had that single contempo bubble from a while back.

  3. Love the bezels 2. The tube grille I had on my Dodge was the same and I always thought it looked a little unfinished and crude around the headlights. This will make a great addition!

  4. hey king send me an email at

  5. If you can beleive this I sold it tonight (the 6th)But I have another one thats paited silver on the inside.Gimme a call if your interested.(714)357-8409