Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wilmington the big PYP

out in the lot

awsome engine cover hooray for the 70's

dome light lenses?

3D mural & lettering

on my way out this sucker went by on a forklift

and gave up a plentiful bounty

ice box and an vanload of matching door panel material

Check out this sign!!

its the same name as my Van

more floor mats


  1. Damn dude! You've been scoring left and right! I need to start going back to the yards. Did you pull any of that wood paneling? If so I'd be interested.That sign is amazing too, let me know if you decide to part with it.

  2. yeah dude seriously! did you get that paneling? i need to start going on these adventures with you.

  3. yeah is that a crazy score on that light or what?Sorry guys but I wont be off'n any of this stuff cause my own 75 has this same interior paneling which neeeds some work and I just happened to have named it the Ball Room about a year ago

  4. yeah I got an assload of the paneling from this van but I got it cause my silver van"the BallRoom" has the same paneling and I need it to do my resto.